Day 276. The day of the Jay.

So last night I braved the roller on my leg,hip and back. Ouch ouch and ouch! Found the problem area, well areas. Iced the areas after and seemed a bit better this morning. So rolled again after a hot shower and decided to go tablet free today, to see what it feels like. Had a couple of hours painting to do in Oundle, nice and steady. Felt ever better afterwards, moving better, probably at about 60%. After some chilling and relaxing at home, I got ready and grabbed the boy. Drove to the rowing lake with the boy. Thought I could run on some trails with him off the lead. Stunning day for a run.

I can tell straight away that it’s slightly better. Not great I won’t lie but definitely a bit more normal. See my first Jay bird of the run along here. The boy was just doing his own thing until I had to put his lead on. Wasn’t looking forward to him pulling but he was ok. Let him off again along the Nene after Orton mere. This is where I see another Jay, a lovely looking bird. We carried on along the trail till ferry meadows. Then back on the lead, held it in my hand as didn’t want him on my hip. He was a good lad and didn’t really pull. See 2 more Jays around there, most I’ve seen in a day I reckon. Noticed my pace is better today, tried pushing a it just to see. Got to just under 9 min/mile pace, happy with that. We did the path back to Orton mere then the trails back to van.

Felt half normal again, I need to remember these times and not take being fit and healthy for granted. Picked Babs up from work and had another shower and another roller session 😥 man that hurts..

Thanks Gasman for your advice 👍

Day 276 done 89 to go.

5.1 miles.

1723.5 miles total.

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