Day 275. In Babs dust.

New morning same pain. Was slightly better, then slightly worse. So after dinner I took myself for a walk into town. Needed to post a couple of things and needed to get the blood moving. I could feel it ease a bit as I walked. After the post office I didn’t know what to do. Didn’t need anything so just walked about. Avoiding the inevitable I suppose. Pain relief ha ha.

I gave in to it, a couple of pints of Dark side and some people watching. See Helen on her way back to the office and we had a little chat. Finished my beer and went home via the card shop, to get my very late anniversary card. Never found one I liked and still couldn’t. Got the best I could but better late than never.

As for the run, after Babs finished work we drove to the rowing lake. Her and JB ran with me this time. I think she liked seeing me in pain and I know she loved being faster than me.

Her hip is still hurting her though, so after having the boy attached now and then, that made it worse. So to help her out I stopped at 3 miles 😉. Less stopping on the first mile this time, so progress. Not on the pace though ha ha.

Day 275 done 90 to go.

3 miles.

1718.4 miles total.

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