Day 274. Pain.

Well I can definitely say, in a way, my hardest run this year. My back got worse through the night. This morning I struggled to get out of bed, couldn’t put my socks on. Kyron did that for me and I struggled but just about managed my trainers. Thought it might ease once I’d been up and about for a bit. No not this time, very painful to bend down or lift anything. This was a bit of a problem as we’re working near London. Needed to go back to Stevenage to get my stuff too. Anyway long story short, Carl took me home via the digs. No money for me this week πŸ‘Ž. Maybe if it eases a bit I can do a couple of bits this way, by the end of the week. Got laid out on the sofa, dosed up on Ibroprofen and waited for Babs. She had got my full on cold now too and her hip is hurting. Couple of old gits we are ha ha. I asked her to take me to the Boathouse, while she walked JB and I’d try to run.

It wasn’t dark till I finished but took this pic at the end. Babs went left and I walked right to the lake. I started off and bugger! Not as bad as yesterday but not far off, think I’ve adapted to the pain a bit maybe. Stop and start with the odd stretch for the first half a mile. Then painfully kept going, without stopping but for me, slow. I was on the grass as didn’t want to look stupid as I obviously was. Hobbling about wincing in pain. Stupid challenge, stupid back, stupid bloody camping, stupid Stevo. There’s a woman going faster than me on an adjacent path, this makes me smile. She sees me and knows as she’s kept looking, she was going faster than me. This kind of cheered me up, at least someone’s had some happiness out of my misfortune. I get onto better paths and stop feeling sorry for myself. I’m still running so the challenge ain’t over. Doesn’t matter how fast or slow I’m moving, I’m still running. Even if I’m struggling at around 11:30 min/miles. I went to Orton mere and turned to head back. 3 kayakers out practicing and some other runners flying past me. I head back along the rowing lake, still in pain but moving slightly better. No quicker just better, all the rowers are flying pass aswell. I’m strangely used to the pace now and keep checking my watch. I feel like I’m moving quicker but I’m not. Just happy to be running, as was starting to feel that my challenge was over earlier. Was getting down thinking about it but while I can move, the challenge continues. got back to the van but no Babs yet, instead of waiting I went out to find them. I was used to the pain now and it’s all extra miles πŸ’ͺ. Feeling positive, I’m gonna get through this. Never see them till I got back to the van. I will say this to everyone. No matter what pace you run at just enjoy it. I can honestly say worrying about pace can ruin a good run. Plus It doesn’t feel any quicker, you just get used to your own pace.

Day 274 done 91 to go.

3.4 miles.

1715.4 miles total.

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