Day 268. Local Trials.

Up at 6:30 am to walk JB. He was loving it, loads of ball play. We get to the embankment and the fair is here.

Its a big in, lock up your sheds 😉. I’m not sure who enjoyed the walk more, me or the boy. We get home and wait for Babs. She’s taking me to Boston to get my van. Well I drove there and she brings the car back. She’s got a busy day of washing, cleaning, ironing, shopping and deciding where we’re going next. I have a Gregg’s breakfast bagette and a mocha. I need something to cheer me up, I’m meant to be on holiday. Not having to pay a load of money to sort my van out and also half a days work to do. Babs drops me off and I get my van and pay Chris, top man. Finish the job I’d left before and head to the yard. Got a load of rubble to lob in there skip. Plus a good chance to sort the back of the van out. I stop for a tea and a snack on route home. I sit and finish my Snowdon blog, seems like I’ve been writing it as long as it took to run it. Brought back the feeling of being there, so enjoyed writing it. Anyway got that finished. Got home and did some planning, then before it got too late, got my stuff on to run. The boy gave me the look I can’t refuse. So I got his harness on and put him in the van. Didn’t fancy running from home, so parked at the rowing lake. Walked for a bit so he could do his business. Then off we go, man my legs feel strong. Still a bit sore but bloody strong. I’ll open them up a bit, I think. JB has shot off up front, so I chase him down. I’m moving well and he’s buzzing around, in and out of the bushes. I still love running down here, even after all this time. Flies are a pain tonight though, should of put my glasses on. A hippie bloke walks around the corner,Jackson! Too late. “Sorry mate” but he’s cool with it and plays with the boy. I thank him and put the leash on. We carry on to Orton mere, then I let him off down the trial. I stop while he has a drink and a quick dip, then off we go. We’re flying and he’s well up for it. Stopping now and then to check I’m coming. We pass a couple of lads fishing for there dinner. Then I hook him back on, as we get to ferry meadows and over the wobbly bridge. He’s proper on it, so I keep with him, as I’m also enjoying it. Past the long boats, over the little bridge, the rail crossing and to Oundle road. He’s still on it around the single track in the woods. We’re flying. Back to Oundle road and towards the mere and he’s worn out. I’m not done yet though. I unhook him again along the Nene and he keeps up ok. Can tell he’s knackered though, I told him to slow down earlier but he wouldn’t listen. I hook him back on for the last bit, he’s lagging behind now ha ha. He’ll never learn. Tried taking advantage of his dad’s tired ultra legs. Well what he forgot, is that I’m a machine 💪.

Day 268 done 97 to go.

5.5 miles.

1687.2 miles total.

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