Day 267. Haughmond hill.

You may or may not of remembered but I’ve used this title before. When I did my first recce of this event,back in April. I ran here on my way home. So we thought it’d a good idea to repeat that. Wanted to take Babs there to, It’s such a nice place. It’s just outside of Shrewsbury. Only Β£1 to park for 2 hour’s. We got changed in the loo’s and get going. Legs are still bloody sore and the driving hasn’t helped. I soon loosen up though and get moving. It’s a trail run through the woods, nice and undulating. Slightly up hill too, Babs is finding it tough today but powers through it. We get to the view point. There’s a couple with two dogs and another woman already there. Great views.

We carried on while the owners distracted there dogs. I made the decision to take the single-track downhill. Finding this cool bench.

Seemed a good idea and thought I’d done that last time. It was more over grown now, so hard to remember if I was right. We both got stung and Babs got thorned. Still a great route though, even Babs enjoyed it, kind of. It became apparent that my watch was still not tracking right. I’d put it back to its old settings but it hasn’t worked. Need to sort that out, I’m not too bothered today but will soon start doing my head in. We find some familiar tracks i remember and head back to the van. 3.1 miles for her and 2.9 for me, even though I’d back tracked a few times πŸ€”. The cafe was open, so crumpet’s and coffee for me and a vegan chocolate cake with hot chocolate for the wife. Fantastic food and service, check it out. We got sorted and finished the rest of the journey to get home. To see the boy πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Day 267 done 98 to go.

2.9 miles.

1681.7 miles total.

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