Day 261. My head’s a shed.

My head is so full of things today, it’s like a messy shed. Everything is there and I have to climb over stuff , just to grab what I want. All I can think about is Saturday but I seem so far away from being ready. I know what I need and where it is but that’s as far as I get. I ordered the wrong jacket, wasn’t waterproof but really like it and will use it alot so ordered a different one. Was planned to come tomorrow, while Babs would have been home. After checking the tracking it’s been delivered and signed today.

Haven’t a clue who that is. Do Royal mail not care who they leave your parcel with or what? I’ve never heard of this person. Anyone could have my jacket now. I’m just hoping it’s with my neighbour but it’s put me right on edge. Also this weather could stop play if it doesn’t ease off 😬. Depends which weather forecast I look at though but fingers crossed. Also I don’t understand how I’m the one who’s running 50 miles on Saturday and Babs has took today and tomorrow off work aswell as our Friday travel day. To de-stress and get ready she says. Is she doing it with me? I suppose in a way she is. Also my oldest brother is in hospital with liver problems – he’s an alcoholic- To be honest I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned it sooner but he’s been in a bad way for a long time now and been in hospital for about a week. Been trying to stay focused, like I say a busy head. That’s why last night was good,to just go out for a beer a talk rubbish.

I’m at work grouting tiles at the moment, thinking about all this stuff and all I want to do is run. Run for miles and totally turn off. Not today though, I need to recover. Short and steady and leave it all out there in the mountains on Saturday.


Finished work in good time. Tris put it on WhatsApp about an hour’s tempo run at 5pm. That’s too much for me tonight. Babs and Emma are in the depths of Lincolnshire -For different reasons- Maggy is still battered and bruised from Sunday and Jemima didn’t fancy it. Long story short, he’s on his own. I did reply with the fact I’m doing a steady 2 miles run, if anyone fancies it. For the same reasons I would run alone too. Just in my work clothes again, the same as last night. Actually in the pants Justin lent me after having a shower at his ha ha. Wasn’t sure where to go, so just started running. Thought I’d go where it felt right. Over 2 mini roundabouts and past a new but not new housing estate, if you know what I mean. I’ve been down here before but forgot where it goes. There’s a grass trail between the trees straight on, that’ll do. This brings me to the busy A605, which I cross and onto another grassy trail. This’ll do nicely. It’s really windy, the remnants of hurricane Helena. It’s nice out though, really nice to be trueful. Great trail running weather, can’t beat listening to the gusty winds and dodging Brocken branches. There’s something shuffling in the long grass that makes me jump. Then a big bird of prey flies out in front of me. Absolutely stunning. I’m not sure what it was but it was a decent size, not a Kite or Buzzard but maybe a Falcon. Nice little treat. I find a stile and climb over it, the grassy trail leads me over a metal gate and then to the Nene. I run a bit then stop to take it all in.

Just watching the trees in the wind and listening to the birds, bliss. My mind wonders back to Saturday again, so I start running. Through the kissing gate.

I’m so keen to get on the run now and hope the weather is like this but not bad enough to stop the event. I stop to take this pic which captures the moment perfect.

Then look at my watch for the first time. Just over 2 miles, whoops. Gonna be slightly over my minimum but I feel good and enjoying it, so sod it. I keep following the Nene to the Ashton bridge, I turn left and head across the field. Cross the 605 again and take the trail. Back to the old new estate again and follow the road back to the van. Happy with that, I wasn’t really in the mood before I set off but enjoyed it.

Got home to find this.

Turns out the dodgy signature was the posty. Good ol’ Royal mail 😉. That’s my fully waterproof all weather jacket plus my lighter wind stopper jacket. Buzzing.

So small, it’s silly not to take both.

Day 261 done 104 to go.

3.6 miles.

1612.1 miles total.

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