Day 261. Recovery test.

Decided to do a recovery test last night. I can do this from my Suunto Ambit 3 watch and wearing my HR monitor. Did a quick 3 minutes test first but when it said I’m only 18% recovered, I thought shit! That’s not good. So to make sure I set the all night test up. Said goodnight to Babs and pressed start on the watch. Closed my eyes and went the sleep. Got woke up once in the night by the cats, so let them out and went to the loo. Went I got up at 6:15am, I was gutted to see that I was still only at 20% recovery. My minimum HR only got to 40 BPM, normally drops to mid to low 30’s while sleeping. Need to concentrate on recovery, top priority. The bike ride must off taken more out of me than I’d expected. So for the first time in a while I wear my HR monitor on the run. Babs is walking JB. The same route as yesterday but the oppersite direction. It was proper windy but warm, my right hamstring feels tight. Need to keep an eye on that. It took the first half a mile for my HR to get above 100 BPM. Then it settled around 135, a little higher than I’d expect for this pace but not much. I did get it down to 130 by the end. It’s a nice little run anyway and kept to my minimum, got to be strict. Bacon, egg and avocado sandwich and a mocha for breakfast. Ok not that strict 😉. Shower and off to work.

Update: Went for a little run with Justin after finishing off his loo. He’s got loads quicker, wasn’t expecting that to be honest. Had food at his and met the segment beasts at the George.

ay 261 done 104 to go.

2 miles HR 126 (more like 132)

1.8 miles with JD.

1607.5 miles total.

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