Day 251. Humbled.

A crap nights sleep, didn’t realise that I needed a good one. As I lay awake I’m annoyed I didn’t think about tomorrow. Should of gone in the spare room and maybe asked Babs to walk the boy. Nevermind. So got up and had breakfast, then walked the boy. He’s got a bad tummy so didn’t want to over do it. Got back and got ready for Parkrun, also got stuff ready for tomorrow. We get to ferry meadows with time to spare for a change. I spare a minute for these racing the Vitruvian triathlon today. We pass Matt and Michelle, say hi. Then meet Helen hanging around the toilets – is it blog time?- Anyway the run starts, I start with Matt. Then someone shouts “Steve” I look round, then look again. “Alright Phil” this is the Phil the man I ran with on my first run of the year. The same Phil that went missing. He’s got a beard now, that’s why I didn’t recognize him. Apparently missed him last week too. Spend 2km chatting and catching up, top bloke. He’s having a few issues and I seriously hope they get to the bottom of them. I feel humbled he’s happy to share with me. After we finish I say bye and head off, I could see black haired ginger Steve up front. Always got time for Steve, he tells me how he’s getting on and how he did at Bedford half. ( This is what Babs had to pull out of).

Another top bloke, I say bye and try to find Matt. I spot him, he’s leading a group. I know we’re getting to a point where it’ll be hard to pass people. So I up my pace alot and catch up to him but don’t let him know, stealth. Then I put my hand on his back and give him a gentle push ha ha come on. He sees the funny side.. I do my best to pace him to the finish, he’s strong but needs some encouragement. Not on the sprint thought, super strong. Well done mate.

See Petro at the end and spoke to him and his mate, Ali I think. Then chatted to Matt and Michelle till Babs finds us, then we head home. With a food shop on route.

Mum and dad came and we head into town. Had a nice meal in Breckits cafe, in the cathedral grounds.

Then mum and Babs went shopping, me and dad got on it ha ha

The best prep I’m sure for 30 milee run in the morning 🤔, go with the flow I say. Had a really nice call off Tris, telling me about his race today. He smashed it, well proud of him and honoured he called me.

Babs picked us up, we had roast chicken and vegetables. I did prep for the morning and we chilled in front of the TV.

If you listen to people, you’ll hear 😎 X X

Day 251 done 114 to go.

3.1 miles.

1538.9 miles total.

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