Day 249. Crack of dawn.

Up at 5:45am, a quick wash and got ready. Meeting Maggy this morning at the Woodman for 6:15am. I knew she’d be there waiting even though I was dead on time, which I guess is kind of late. We gave eachother the look, as if to say are we mad? Laugh.

Then explain the route and we discuss pace. Maggy had tired legs from her triathlon on the weekend. Second in her age category, missing out by 39 secs or something like that. Plus the pub ride last night, your a nutter Maggy 👍.

We talked about this and she asked about Babs, as we ran past the Holiday Inn and down the trail to Orton mere. She asked if I was cold. ” Not really, my arms are a little” I reply. Still warm enough for shorts and t-shirt. The conversation stops as we tackle the great trail in Orton woods. The sun is still low so not great visibility in places. We chat on our way around ferry meadows, mainly about the ride for Guy on Sunday. I’ll touch this more on the weekend. Such a nice way to start the day though. We join the trail alongside the Nene, there’s an eiry mist hovering the water. Wish I’d had my phone for a pic. The sun is up now, it’s a beautiful morning. We ignore the no entry sign and keep next to the river, only to platform. Then we head up the steps and head back to the van. Maggy had to go, as she was taking her daughter to London for the day. Only boring work for me. 👎

Day 249 done 116 to go.

5.8 miles HR 128.

1531.5 miles total.

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