Day 247. A run of thoughts.

So had a bike fit this morning, at the Gorilla firm. Was there for 7am – maybe slightly after -. Jimmy got me on the Guru machine, which is an amazing piece of kit.

It adjusts remotely, controlled by Jimmy and his laptop. After alot of peddling and tweaking, we find the perfect set up. With this information, we know what bikes and sizes will work best for me. Next was another chat with Linds on which bikes was around my price range. After alot of info to think about, I go to work. After work I go back in to run over a few things, I’m glad I did as helped get a better idea in my head. Think I’ve made my mind up but Linds quite rightly told me to go away and think about it. So that’s what I done. Stopped at the A1 services for a double espresso and to use there loo. Then parked at the Woodman and got ready to run. Ran past the pub and the Holiday Inn for a change and down through the trees to Orton mere. I can’t get bikes out my head, so don’t really take much else in. I crossed Oundle road and the Ramblewood, then the church and into the woods. I turn off from bikes and soak up the single-track. Ducking and weaving, in the flow. I’d totally stopped thinking about bikes but not for long. As I headed down Ham lane near Rutland cycles, two birds on bike came up the path. I could see they had no knowledge on how to turn to avoid runners, so I ran on the grass. Apparently I’m invisible ha ha. This got me thinking 🤔 paper, scissors, stone.


Paper= Runners/dog walkers

Scissors= Bikers

I do all of these and I’d like to think we can all get on, without being knobs! Manners maketh man.

Back to the run. There’s a few other joggers through the wooded trail near the caravan park. I think about Maggie. She mentioned if anyone could run Thursday morning. I’m trying to think how I can make it work. With JB, work and having a shower. So I came up with a plan, see what she thinks. The route I’m doing would be perfect too. I go to the railway crossing and join the Nene. Headed to where I met Babs and JB on Sunday. Then I did the same route along the Riverside path, there still working on it but can get most of the way along. Looking great though, can’t wait to run it.

I get back to the carpark and decide to carry on a bit, over the footbridge which crosses the Nene parkway. Then a loop of Thorpe wood before returning back to the van. I’ve 95% made my mind up now. Or have I? 😬

Day 247 done 118 to go.

6.6 miles.

1521.9 miles total.

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