Day 239. Living the dream.

Got up this morning, everything prepped for today’s run. Babs is taking me to Stamford and I’m running back, the long way. Well that was the plan. Untill I see the message off Lighty.

-Fancy coming up for a wee kite x looking good today-

As it happens I did fancy going kiting, it’s been way too long. Been thinking about it alot lately. So after a message from Marcus asking what kit I need to borrow, which was everything really. I get what stuff I have, tell Babs the change of plan and go. She was happy staying at home. Got there just after 11am and there waiting. Marcus gives me a kite, a board and a harness. I put my wetsuit on and after struggling with the harness, John points out I’ve got it on upside down ha ha.

I ain’t been on the water kiting for nearly 5 years I reckon, so feeling excited and very slightly worried. Can I still do it?

Been riding with these guys for nearly 18 years.


Marcus made sure I’d set up correctly, then launched the kite for me. I head out. It felt so right, almost like I haven’t been away. Don’t get me wrong I was a bit rusty but had full control. Straight to toeside, small jumps, backrolls and some transitions. It was all coming back to me. Had a great session. We all came in for a sandwich and drinks in John’s van, we are getting old you know. Then me, Lighty and Marcus went out for another go. The tide was further out now, so I bit of a walk. Another brilliant session but felt knackered now. Lighty had gone in and me and Marcus wasn’t far behind. Mike and Nikki was on the beach now too, they’d been out biking. Thanks again Marcus for the loan of the kit, your a good mate 👍. We pack up and get changed, a little chat in the carpark. Then me Nikki,Mike and Lighty went for a pint in the Ship and Marcus had to go home. Felt like old times and could of got strapped in for the night. We didn’t and we said our goodbyes, then I called Disco Stu. He was home and up for a run. So drove to his house in Sedgeford. He was packing his windsurfing kit away after cleaning it. He’d been out at Brancaster too but hadn’t realised. We head out on his 6ish (7.2) miles loop, mostly off-road.

As soon as we start, I can feel how much the kiting has took out of me. Legs felt heavy and breathing was heavy too. He’s so fit now and he doesn’t realise. Don’t get me wrong, we chatted all the way round but my HR was higher than normal. It almost looked too easy for him. Nice to catch up and run with him again. It doesn’t seem that long ago, I nearly had to force him to run around the field. Looking at the pace after, we’d done a progression run without realising ha ha. No wonder it felt hard. Got back to Stu’s and another legend is waiting. Andy Holland AKA Topper. Or at the moment Hopper.

Broke his ankle windsurfing on a foil board. Had 9 weeks in pot with another 3 or 4 to go. He’s secretly going mad.

Well what a turnaround. Had a 28 miles run planned but ended up Kite surfing and running with me old mate Disco. Catching up with great friends and spending a day at the beach. Living the dream! 😎

Day 239 done 126 to go.

7.2 miles HR 152.

1455.2 miles total.

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