Day 238. Change of plan.

Babs had been having dizzy spells all week and felt bad last night. So we cancelled our trip over to Clumber park. Dave popped round first thing to get some old peddles and to tell me about his France trip. They’ll be in France somewhere by now. Once Babs got up -around 10- we drove over to Ferry meadows for breakfast. Then I walked home with the boy, and she was feeling ok to take the van home. It rained the whole way but was quite nice. The Swift’s were having a great time, loads of them out. Whizzing around us. I tried to video them, it was fantastic to watch and even JB was watching them.

Got home and was soaked. Dried the boy off and had some cheese and crackers. Told Babs to go lay down and rest then I fell asleep on the sofa, while the boy slept on his chair. Slept like a log, must of needed it. Woke up around 5 and had a coffee and a packet of crisps. Got my running kit on and got the boy. Still raining we did the ol faithful. The boy struggled for the last mile or so, he must be knackered too. A nice and needed rest day. Waisting time isn’t always waisted time. This proves right for Babs as she’s feeling the best she’s felt all week. Sometimes she needs to listen to her husband. Tea was started so I did the hoovering then has a shower. Got my stuff ready for tomorrow, then film night.

Day 238 done 127 to go.

5.2 miles HR 139.

1448 miles total.

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