Day 237. Tris’s birthday pub ride.

This morning I was a aiming to stay in bed till 7. The cats and Jackson had a different idea. After fighting the fact it’s not gonna happen, I got up. 6:30am. Only wanted a short run as riding today. It’s Tris’s 40th birthday pub ride and I’m meeting Nick around 9am to ride to Oundle. So I got ready for the run, even put my body warmer on as felt cold. We actually walked all the way to potters way. After JB had done his stuff I started running. Just nice and steady, hooked him back in half way down the Willows. A nice steady cruise around town, through the cathedral and home. Had breakfast and got ready. Headed out to meet Nick at ferry meadows and after chasing each other around the park, we head to Oundle. Meet with everyone and head to Titchwell to first pub. A beer and bacon sarnies here -David and Amy’s local- beautiful village and great pub. Then off to Barnwell to the Monty. Then a tough ride to Glatton, I’ll be honest I was struggling now. Not the drinking, only had 3. But the biking, I’m not used to it. Called Babs as she’s having dinner with James at Loch fyne. She’s been feeling rough (dizzy) for the last week. Was ment to be going to Milton Keynes with him but kept it simple and local instead. I struggled to keep the pace all the way back to the George in Oundle. Can’t believe how hard I found it to be fair. Babs called and came to fetch me. We stayed there a while, I had a few beers and cake, Babs got a chance to socialise with everyone too. We decided to cancel our drive out tomorrow though as she’s definitely not up for an early start and still feels crap. Was heading to Clumber park, gutting but health comes first. Sorry Dave, Karen and kids was looking forward to it.

Day 237 done 128 to go.

2.8 miles.

1442.8 miles total.

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