Day 234. Day are closing in.

I noticed last night and its getting more noticeable every morning. The nights are pulling in, the sun is lower each morning. Soon be running to the sunrise again 😎. I’m enjoying the summer but also looking forward to some cooler runs and some night runs with the head torch. Saying that, it’s a lovely morning. A nice temperature and the low sun. The birds are already busy and Jackson is running like a madman. He’s on it, so keep him off the lead down Potters way and across the builders field. Let him get it out his system, which he does. When I hook him back in, under the parkway he seems happy.

As we pass the Beer festival set up I wonder 🤔, how many sore heads this morning.

Loads of long boats moored up again, maybe to enjoy the beer. They do look impressive.

A little jolly around town, checking everything’s in order. The boy as slowed considerably, so just taking it easy. This AG statue looked smart with the sun gleaming on it, so had to get a pic.

Then a loop if the Cathedral on our way home. Fed JB and weighed in. 2 lb off 👍 back to 11 stone. Shower then eggs in egg cups. Time for work.

Day 234 done 131 to go.

4.2 miles.

1428.1 miles total.

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