Day 233. Morning thoughts.

This morning feels different, I’m in a very calm state of being. Wish I could bag this feeling and share it. Sounds a bit daft but I feel at one with the world today. No aches, well no more than normal, just totally chilled out. If this is how endurance running feels, I want more.

The small things mean so much. While walking Jackson, I like to throw the tennis ball at a concrete slab. We don’t carry on till I hit it. Childish I know but it makes me happy. Today I threw it and it disappeared. Turns out there’s a hole next to it, the same size as the ball ha ha. Further on I walked along a curb, balancing. It took me back to how I felt as a kid. Maybe we’re better at being human as children 🤔. So now and then just be free. Be human.

Couple of others things I forgot to mention over the last week or so too. Green woodpeckers. I see at least one a day at the moment and hear them loads more. This morning being no exception. See three on yesterday’s run.

Also the leaves are falling on the trails, Autumn is coming. Need to get a pic of this.

Another thing that’s been happening. Eyebrow growth! Nobody tells you that as soon as you turn 40, your eyebrows start to grow long thick random hairs. I’m telling you know, it happens. Had 2 blowing in the wind and flapping in my eye, this was on my run in Derbyshire.

Another amazing gift I got this morning. Two Swan flybys. First one was 2 swans by the river. Then the other there was 4 as we walked down Potters way. If you’ve never seen this, you need to get down to the river more. The noise comes first, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Then you see them, in slow motion almost prehistoric. Like a Dragon. A bloke whizzed past on his bike from behind, knob! Ruined the moment and caught me off guard, Lucky the boy stayed still.

Gorilla group run.

Me and Babs drove over to meet Maggy and Jemima, at the Cuckoo for 6pm. I call Dean as we wait, we’re a little early. Then Maggy turns up. So Babs goes to meet her while I finished the call.

Jemima was last but in her defence, we forgot to mention we wasn’t meeting in the main carpark. Sorry Jem. We set off the same course as last week and try to keep to Babs pace. I noticed it was hard going for her. So me and Maggy stayed off road and sent Babs and Jemima on a shorter tarmac route. Tonight we’re doing 5 mins race pace then 5 mins recovery, 4 sets of. Me and Maggy stuck together and so did Babs and Jemima. We’d meet up on the recovery’s. Great fun and everyone got something different out of it. We finished off with my favourite trail. We all met up at the end for a group pic.

Then Maggy headed home and us 3 carried on back to the cars. Said our goodbyes and headed home. I took the boy to the rowing lake for a walk down the river and Babs showered and got tea ready. Bullet points from the walk.

– See a Kingfisher.

– Loads of fish topping out on the Nene. ( We sat and watched )

– Had a few flybys from ducks.

– Jackson chased rabbits.

– I gave a bloke a lift to fetch his car, as his disabled friends scooter had broke down. His name was Paul.

Day 233 done 132 to go.

7.3 miles HR 134.

1423.9 miles total.

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