Day 232. Monday madness.

Had an easy day today and got home at 2:30pm. I’m feeling good so I get my backpack loaded with drink, some sandwiches and spare clothes. I’m heading west. I planned to finish at Stamford but didn’t really plan the route, thought I’d blag it. Babs didn’t know it but she’s on call out duty. I head to ferry meadows on a mix of paths and trails. Theirs a few people out in the golf course. I followed the Nene till I get to the train track, then I turned right and headed towards Castor. I’m aiming to keep my HR at 135 bpm. As I’m running the trail at the back of Castor, I realised my head ain’t totally in it and start thinking about turning back. I’m not struggling physically just mentally. I try to ignore the urge and carried on. Kept thinking about ways I can loop back. I need to focus on going forward.

I get to Sutton and miss a call off Andy, about work. Needed to get past these nettles first, got stung to bits. Nothing the Dock leaves can’t sort out. Loads of lorries and dodgy looking people in cars at the Wansford layby. The far end is closed for maintenance, I go through a gap and follow the trail down and under the bridge. I call Andy back and carried on. The call took me till about halfway through old Sulehay nature reserve. I feel focused again and even though I have to take a different trail, as the one I was gonna take was flooded (strangely). Wasn’t sure where I’d come out, ended up on the road for a bit. After a while I found a bridleway and got back on track. Came onto the road again at Apethorpe, then took the bridleway then footpath to Kingscliffe. It’s shocking to see so many sloe berries already.

Already been eating some blackberries along with my sandwiches. My water is getting low but aim to get a top at the Royal Oak in Doddington. As Kingscliffe comes into view the church bells rang, it stands dominant over the village.

Get a bit lost here some how but works out in my favour. I see the village shop so take advantage of this. I get a can of coke and a banana milkshake. Oh and a scratch card, to get it above £3 to use my card. Not a winner though.

That’ll keep me going till Ketton I reckon. Feel happy now, with my bottles refilled and a nice sugar buzz. Really quite in Fineshade wood.

Proper get in the zone now and at 20 miles I feel good, still keeping it steady. Then I got really confused and frustrated. Felt I should of found the path to Doddington by now. Couldnt work out which way i was going. Even got my compass out. I started to recognize the track now, Bugger! Totally missed it, nearly at High Lodge. Have a look at the time and as it’s a school night, I decided to bail. I called Babs to come with the boy, so we can walk him. Did a couple of loops while I waited. Then sneaked into the caravan site next door to get more water. Then put a dry top on and took my shoes and socks off, chill time.

She got there pretty quick, so lobbed my dry socks on and met them in the carpark. A nice little walk around the woods together.

Back home for a bath and this lovely tea.

Day 232 done 133 to go.

23 miles HR 136.

1415.6 miles total.

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