Day 226. Intervals with Maggy.

Tonight’s plan is to meet Maggy at the Cuckoo, we’re doing intervals. Tris is coaching Maggy and has given her some training sessions to do. So as you know I don’t do alot of structured training, so looking forward to it. Also a little nervous, almost pre race nerves. The same as when I met Emma for our first run together. The nerves soon disappeared though, when I waved her over. She was waiting on the corner. I’d spotted her only after I’d weirded out another woman that had parked up. I stood stretching next to her car, thought is was Maggy ha ha. After having a laugh about this, we discussed the plan. Basically a steady warm up then some timed efforts, with me holding the pace. I was pleasantly surprised that Maggy was more than up for running some off road trails. So we head down to the lock and across the field. Our first effort starts along here. I suggest a slightly different way than Maggy normally goes, she’s cool with it. So we follow the footpath to the left, following the edge of the field slightly upwards. The gate at the top is ajar, bonus, straight through. We ease off the pace and head down to the path along the rail track. Half way along this muddy (hard and bumpy) track the effort starts again. I keep the pace slightly under 7:30 min/mile pace. Under the stone bridge and onto hard path. Pace went up to 6:55min/mile 😬 I eased back to target pace. Sorry Maggy. I personally think she was finding it too easy anyway πŸ˜‰. Back into recovery pace, over the railway tracks and Into Ferry meadows. Back into the effort, we pass some dog walkers and other joggers. A bit of head wind here so a good time for drafting practice. We didn’t actually get loads of time to talk until after the last effort. This finished as we ran down past the birdwatching hides and the long boats. Now we can relax and chat at a nice pace. Maggy came 3rd place in her age group in the Arundel triathlon, only a couple of weeks ago. It’s not her first podium place either. It doesn’t surprise me as I hear her swimming is good. I know she’s very strong on the bike (I’ve ridden with her many times) and she’s a very strong consistent runner. I can see a first place coming soon πŸ‘. We also talk about the MTB marathon thing a few of us are doing in September. 100km out from Wadenhoe in Northants. It’s the weekend before my ultra, so perfect for me. Can put the time in but stay off my feet. Patrick (Maggy’s husband) is training for the Brutal triathlon, this finishes up Snowdon, nutter. We finish the run through the trees on the trail, around the outside of the park and past the little stone bridge. Carrying on through the trees towards Altwalton. I have to rudely stop Maggy mid sentence, to point out the trail heading down. Asked if she’s up for a bit of technical single-track. “Yes definitely” was her reply. So we do one of the best little trails around here. A trail that just keeps giving, love it. A little hard effort up the hill to the road. Finished. High five! Great run and great company thanks Maggy πŸ‘. A little chat then Maggy runs off and I get in the van to go home. Honk the horn as I pass. Nooooo! Forgot to get a pic. So pulled into the layby and got a quick pic. Same again next week πŸƒ.

Day 226 done 139 to go.

6.3 miles HR 141.

1345.1 miles total.

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