Day 225. Polecat spotting.

This morning Babs is running with the boy, so I get to run solo. Headed off down Wellington Street, to stop JB trying to chase my scent. Breathing was laboured and legs felt heavy. I try to ignore it and relax. It felt weird running around central park without the boy. The remains of whatever was on over the weekend is still up.

Not sure what was on, may even be something coming up. Feeling a bit better now, still not 100%. Town seems busy with people people going to work, people going home, people waking up in doorways and the workers tidying up the streets. Over the Queensgate footbridge and headed down Thorpe road. Was tempted to head home but need the miles. It seems busy here too, I check my watch worrying that I’m running late. No it’s only 6:56am so plenty of time. I stop at the rowing lake, to take in the fresh air and listen to the birds.

Then made my way back home. It’s nicer running this way for some reason. I always know this but tend to do it the opersite way. As I got near the bins I took a pick of the other day for Babs (which still need emptying). Something moved and then casually walked across the path and into the bushes. After getting home and confirming what I thought, it was a Polecat/Ferret. Cool thing to see and my first in the wild. Proper got me buzzing and put a big smile on my face. I was that happy I took a pic of this.

Don’t know why ha ha.

Instead of going straight home from here, I ran along the Nene to the embankment. It’s that time of year again 🍺🍺🍺 Beer festival week.

They were still working at 7pm in the rain.

As I ran along the willows and then down the Toll path, I think to mysen how lucky we are, to have so much stuff going on. There’s always something.

Day 225 done 140 to go.

6.8 miles HR 134.

1338.8 miles total.

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