Day 224. Sometimes the dog needs a walk.

I’ve been battling a bug or something since Thursday but didn’t realise that the black dog (depression) had took advantage of this. I noticed my mood change yesterday, on the bike with Babs and for some of the walk too. I thought I’d sorted it but I’m still not right today. It’s hard to spot it sometimes, we hide it well. Even from ourselves. Babs did notice though and handled me really well, by keeping me moving yesterday and telling me rest tonight. As I’m getting anxious about needing to do more miles, only 6 weeks till Snowdon! She’s a good egg. Think I knew deep down too and that’s why I wanted go away camping this weekend. What with feeling rough and Babs not really up for it, we stayed home. So today was a slow start, didn’t really want to get out of bed but JB had other ideas. Babs was fast asleep, I’d already let the cats about 3:30am. Now at 5:30am the boy was scratching the door. I let him out then went back to bed. 20mins later he does it again, so I gave him food and put the radio on. 20 mins again. So I got up and lay on the sofa with him. After about an hour I went back to bed but Babs got up now. To be fair she was originally gonna walk him, to let me sleep. Anyway I get up around 10am not feeling refreshed but up for my run. Was gonna do a long one today and finish at Yaxley at Darren and Helen’s. Also needed to walk the boy but no time for both, so opted to run with the boy then drive.

-Which i did, we gad a lovely lunch and played a game with strange tasting sweets. The cat food one sent me over the edge 😝. It’s there new home and the first time I’ve been over. Got their selves a very nice house-

Wanted to get on the trails, so I drove to the Woodman and dropped straight into Ferry meadows. Sticking to the tree’s on the top track. Jackson is being a gem, running nice and steady with no pull. I keep him on for while along the single-track trail too, as he’s being so good. My mood is hightened now, I have my real black dog making me happy. (Not saying depression ain’t real) I let him off and he is a legend, loving it. We were free, nothing but me and the boy, running wild, running together as equals. He keeps looking at me for commands but he doesn’t really need many today. We get to Altwalton before I know it, so I lead him until we get back on the trail. He stays in front on this bit and stops now and then, to check I’m still coming. It doesn’t seen that long ago I couldn’t let him off down here, he’d disappear chasing squirrels and rabbits. Not now though. I do put him on the lead for the trails around Ferry meadows though. Just mainly because of other people and dogs. As we pass the long boats, I think how nice it would be. Then as we crossed the second and biggest wobbly bridge, I watched a shiny blue Kingfisher skim the water, beautiful. We go home and give him more food. I had a shower and came down to this.

Today I’m in control of the black dog, both of them.

Day 224 done 141 to go.

6.6 miles.

1332.1 miles total.

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