Day 222. Jackson son.

Felt like running this morning but didn’t want to run the boy. It’s Babs turn to have extra time in bed, so took the boy for a walk instead.

Finished work early today and fancied a Gregg’s mocha, so drove to Applegreen services near Spalding. Got a sausage roll and a tuna sandwich with my mocha, hadn’t had much dinner today. The sausage roll was lovely but the tuna sandwich tasted a bit bland. The mocha was also spot on, felt a bit tired now though. I parked up and took the boy along the Welland. Thought about running in my work kit but wasn’t feeling it. The sky had some wicked clouds tonight, the air was cool and a slight dampness in the air. Glad I came here to walk, I’d forgot how much I liked it down here.

On the way back we had a chill in the grass.

Got back to the van and felt shattered, so layed down and a had a power nap. Was woke up by missing a call from a lady wanting some work. Didn’t feel up to calling her back straight away, unfortunately I forgot to call with I got home too. Will call tomorrow now.

I got home and went straight out on the run but didn’t feel like it. Actually felt really rough in myself as I was running, breathing was heavy too. Headed down to the river, pace was ok and was everything else. I just felt rough, really strange. Did a circuit around town. There’s loads going on, the Green festival -Babs misinformed me, thats in Ferry meadows and this is the something to do with 900 years of the cathedral- has started for the weekend. There’s a Tim Peake’s truck is in the cathedral too. I head home as I feel light headed. I walk in the door, tell Babs I feel rough and go straight to the loo. Started retching but only bile. I start to worry about the tuna sandwich now and go upstairs to use the loo. It wasn’t pretty. A nice hot shower and a beer, hot Indian ordered.

Day 222 done 143 to go.

3.3 miles.

1321.7 miles total.

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