Day 218. Segment attack.

After a late finish at work, didn’t leave Crowland till 6:30pm and was meant to be riding at 7:30pm. So I had an hour to get home, get changed, load my bike up, go to the loo and get to Polebrook -which is just over 20 mins drive from ours- I called Babs and she was on it, by the time I got home she had my bike, clothes, a sausage Sarnie all ready for me, even got my drinks bottles ready too. With her help and some luck with the traffic, I got there just in time. So I’m the only one without a warm up but beggers can’t be choosers. Just happy to get a bit of a tow and my name on the board. There was Rich,Tris,Gasman,David,me, Duncan and Emma and we rode out in that order. Was a fast start and maybe not as smooth as it could be. It soon became my turn on the front, so I tried to keep my power above 420 watts. Then I did the elbow and dropped back. Duncan went like a bullet and I missed the last wheel, so I got dropped. Still rode hard till the end and realised Emma had got dropped early on too. I had a steady ride back to the van with David. Then got changed and drove to Rich and Emma’s. Went for my little run while the pizza cooks. Just a couple of laps of Barnwell and an out and back. Then met them on the patio for a beer and pizza. Thanks Rich and Emma, great hosts as always 👍🍺.

Day 218 done 147 to go.

3 miles.

1293.5 miles total.

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