Day 216. Parkrun.

Today was Peterborough Parkrun’s 5th anniversary. I didn’t think I’d ran it much this year but to my shock, it was the first time I’ve ran it since January the 1st. My first run of this journey, couldn’t believe that. Me,Babs and the boy did an unofficial one to mark my 1000 miles. Need to get more involved. Time fly’s and waits for no man. Or woman.

On that note, Babs was very efficient this morning and we left on time. After struggling about house with y back I’d walked the boy first thing, while she did some tidying, teamwork works. We drive over to meet Karen and Dave at the gates, so they can let us in, save on parking fees ๐Ÿ˜‰. It’s already hot as we walk over to the start area. Helen,Daren and Ben are there, so we have a nice catch up. I say hi to Steve Coward, not sure he totally recognised me straight away. There’s so many people, it’s brilliant but also too crowded for me. So I wish everyone a good run and head to the front area. Just a little wait for one of the time keepers, then we’re off. I see Phil Martin shoot off the front -a one horse race today then- there becomes the natural split. Phil then the front group then our group, I’m not sure about behind me. I hold my pace and lead our group until I slowly pull away. My back feels fine running. You wouldn’t believe I struggled out of bed this morning. A little kid is getting high 5’s on the side, so I reach out and high 5 him. On the way back past the other runner’s I also give Karen a high 5, which I later hear hurt her hand. Hope the little kid was ok. I have a little battle with Chris Hopewell to the finish, although I know he can beat me normally, I got him this time.

Stephen, your time in position 13 today at Peterborough parkrun was 19:26. Well done…

Not bad out of 558 runners. My 77th parkrun and 65th at Peterborough.

After a couple of miles warm down run I meet up with the others. All happy with the days run.

Back to base camp for some bacon sarnies, cooked by the head chef himself.

Now I’ve got a slight correction to make, after saying my Snowdon Ultra is 8 weeks away. I know realised it’s only 7. So with that in mind I run the 4 miles home on a full stomach, perfect ultra training ๐Ÿ‘.

At home we get ready for the arrival of our guests. Babs tidied up and I got in the way, so went sat in the garden to hydrate and write this blog. Have a great Saturday everyone ๐Ÿบ.

Day 216 done 149 to go.

3.1 miles HR 171.

2 miles HR 137.

4 miles.

9.1 total today.

1285.5 miles total.

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