Day 215. Fish and chips run.

So unloading my van this morning, I pulled my back out. Only muscular pain but still not the ideal. A mix between an old tug of war injury and my digger hip damage. Necked 3 Ibroprofen and battled through the day. Was more worried about running than work though 😎. Another scorching hot day, nice day to be spreading floor screed. Not!

Quickly built our new BBQ after work and when Babs got home, we drove over to see David and Karen. Their camping at Ferry meadows. Dave is running everyday in August and says it’s all my fault 👍 I’m happy to take the blame. I’m looking forward to our run this evening to see how he’s doing so far.

I also asked if he minded writing about the run and he was more than happy too. So in the words of David Hayden.

This was my view.

So Steve has kind of challenged me to run every day for a month… it was such a subtle challenge that I missed it first off… decided August would be that month… and this weekend we are camping at Ferry meadows so have the opportunity to hook up for a couple of runs….

It’s been a while since I run at a decent pace and wasn’t really fancying my chances much tonight with this heat.. but I said I was up for a five miler…so we headed off.

Enjoyed the trails and seeing some new bits of an area we keep getting drawn back time after time.. some great sights and the paths were great- hardly a soul about. We hit the path to Orton lake and phew a breather- his lace was undone- yay…

Loved the tracks and for about half a mile had a good pace.. best for ages… and then he tells us the route back – great I know this and it’ll be just 5miles- spotty dog!! But then he throws a spanner—- “let’s take a left” that hurt..

Finished off5.8 miles… ready to stop… 17.1 miles in3 days… and my 6th run since Monday… my legs are telling me “no pb at parkrun tomorrow”

Post run karen and babs queue for fish n chips washed down with a glass of white.. well orange for the designated driver!!!

Looking forward tho to park run with them both and the obligatory bacon butty after- if his hip holds out!!!

I don’t think I need to add to that, pretty much explained the run. Really enjoyed it myself and as always, great company. The fish and chips at the tent was spot on too, chips was amasing but the fish a bit greasy for me. Just gutted I couldn’t help drink some of the wine. Was lovely sitting outside and catching up. I did feel like we was on holiday too, just goes to show, you ain’t got to go far. My back felt ok on the run but later on, after being sat down, ouch! Wasn’t good at all. Fingers crossed for the morning 🤞.

Day 215 done 150 to go.

5.7 miles.

1276.4 miles total.

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