Day 211. 3 is the magic number.

Felt rough today, had a headache for most of it. So didn’t run until after the boys evening walk. Took him to the rowing lake and along the Nene. He was mad for it, couldn’t get enough of fetching the ball and 2 swimming sessions. A lovely evening for a walk and helped motivate me for my run. Kept hearing a Kingfisher but never see it again. Glad I took him there as he had a great time and a nice change for me too.

I’d been to Pets at home for dog and cat food on the way there, so gave him a new dental stick to chew on for the journey. Got home and fed him, then got ready and left. Wasn’t sure where to go, it was nearly 8:30 and I couldn’t be arsed. Like a machine programmed to run, I starting running. Mind wasn’t working so just naturally ran to the embankment. With the river to the left and the grass to my right, I clicked into it. This is when I decided to do laps. A warm up lap, which I was on, then a faster lap, than try to beat that one. Around the gardens at the Lido and down Bishops road. At the turning for the gym, I swallowed a death fly. Instantly my throat swelled and I started choking, pucked up a little and tried to stay calm and carry on. Got it back together just in time for the next lap. Slowly picked the pace up, then Bugger! Got a fly in my eye. Took me a good 30 secs to move it, is this a sign to turn back? Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling me to stop and rest. I decided it was probably right but I’m a stubborn sod, so I carry on. Holding a nice pace now, I feel good. 09’09.8 for this lap. Sweating a good un but no more flies yet, so that’s good news. I pick the pace up a bit more and zone out. No HR monitor on tonight so going by feel alone, it feels hard. It’s burning now as I pass the Lido, have to dig deep. Hold it Burton. Push all the way to the end and press the watch, only I didn’t press the button, DOH! Only missed a few secs though. Second lap 08’27.8, bingo 💪. Now a very steady warm down home, breathing like I smoke 80 a day. I get home and collapse on the garden chair with a glass of milk. While JB licks the sweat off my head ha ha.

Day 211 done 154 to go.

4.4 miles.

1258.8 miles total.

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