Day 208. Storm chasing.

Ranulph Fiennes was fantastic, if you ever get a chance to see him, go. The blokes as mad as a hatter and very funny. No Aircon in there though, so was nearly cooked alive. Sinking a few beers helped me from dehydration.

So after a hard week at work in the crazy heat, we’d earned ourselves a beer in the local over the road. A proper pub and could definitely of sat there all evening supping. We obviously didn’t and left to go home.

After sorting some paperwork out, I had a shower. Too hot to walk the boy.

Didn’t get below 37 degrees all the way home. I’d picked my new ground stompers up on the way home too.

So time to test them out. “Walk them around the house” he said “wear them in” he said. Sod that! Only one way to test trainers, get out and run in em. I headed straight down to the river and stuck by it. Watching the clouds, looking for the storms we’d been promised. There in front of me, I can feel it in the air. So I dare it to give me it’s best “come on!” So close but still nothing. I decided to carry on along the golf course. Then I hear the first thunder crack, it sounded good and it was over ferry meadows. So that’s where I go. As soon as I got over the wobbly bridge the rain started. Slow big droplets to start, then more, then BOOM! I’m in it. The wind goes mental, it’s pissing it down, there’s thunder,it’s brilliant. I put my arms out and lean head back. It feels so good, I’ve missed the wet weather. There’s broken branches all over and some trees look like there holding on for dear life. As I follow it out of the park it stays the same. I must look like a nutter, everyone else is taking shelter and I’m laughing and have the biggest smile on my face. To be fair I just got lost in the moment and before I knew it I was at Orton mere. The rain eased then stopped. I headed towards the rowing lake and then down Thorpe road but never catch it again, just followed the trace’s it left behind. What great fun and my trainers got a real good test too. So far I’m well impressed. Their Comfy, stable and good in the wet, one happy chappy. When I got home Babs needed to go to the shop, so got her to drop me and the boy off at the Boathouse. That way I could walk him down the river and get the next lot of storms. Jackson was not bothered one little bit by it all. He just couldn’t work out what this wet stuff was, falling out the sky. I see some smart lightening bolts and tried to video it but kept missing out. We did get soaked though but got to listen the heavens singing. A strange thing happened to me though. It was weird. It’s happened before but seems a long time ago. I felt cold and had a little shiver 😉.

Day 208 done 157 to go.

8.8 miles HR 138.

1237.9 miles total.

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