Day 207. Back to basics.

Babs got up to walk the boy, she’s still a bit sore from her sports massage last night. I took the chance for an extra snooze, then got up, dressed and slipped my vibram 5 fingers -my spreds- on. Man my calves are in a bad way, and my Achilles tendons feel tender. There’s no hiding the truth in these baby’s. Because of this I’m running a bit funny and probably look a bit strange but who cares? It all comes together though as I pass the marketplace. I loosen up and feel great. That’s a great thing about barefoot running, it lets your feet work the way they should, naturally. As I crossed the Queensgate footbridge, it seemed a good place for a pic. What I didn’t see was the bloke that see me and thought I was a nut job.

Maybe I am ha ha. I’m only keeping it short today, as I did a decent run last night and after realising how tight I am. So over Thorpe road bridge and then cut through to the Nene. It makes a nice change doing a different route. The river is nice and calming as always, I should run in these more often, I always feel chilled out in em.

I crossed the road and cut across the embankment, behind the Key theatre. Through the trees and back along the roads to home. A shower and off to work. Got to be back in time tonight. Babs is taking me to Cambridge to watch Ranulph Fiennes, its one of my birthday presents. Really looking forward to it and if he’s half as good as Eddie the Eagle Edwards was, we’ll be in for a great night.

Day 207 done 158 to go.

3 miles HR 123.

1229.1 miles total.

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