Day 206. Perkins training run.

The free training sessions have started for Perkins half marathon. There every other Wednesday and tonight is the second one. They start at Peterborough athletics track at 7pm, just turn up and join in. I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing so decided to do a warm up run, around the block and the embankment. I get there and I’m sweating like a pig, so I try to cool down. Becky comes over for a chat, which was nice, haven’t spoke to her or Martin for ages -martin was late finishing work, so he’s not coming- Becky helps out alot with Bushfield joggers, so she fills me in with what happens. Unfortunately they do it differently now, the track work is for beginners and slightly above. The rest go out for a run, was a bit gutted as was looking forward to using the track. Nevermind, after a few publicity pics for Heart radio and a debrief, I joined the sub 1hr 30min gang. Which consisted of me, the pacer and a lad called Chris. Chris had only one half marathon under his belt and he did it in 1hr 37mins. This is a great time for his first race. We convinced him he’d be fine, so he came with us. The route was an out and back, to the end of the rowing lake then turn around. It was good to run with new people, the pace was comfortable for us and we were quite chatty but Chris was starting to find it tough. We keep him motivated and fed him with encouragement and advice. Which to his credit he took it all in. The lad did well, it was very hot and the head wind on the return made it hard going. He dug deep till the finish, just under target pace but his fastest, so spot on 👍. I did a few laps of the track to cool down, just because I could really, I found it really relaxing. I even got Chris to join me for a lap and a chat. Had another catch up with Becky and some of the other Bushy lot. Spent alot of time chatting to another Chris, Chris Hopewell. It’s amasing to see how much he’s changed, looks really well. He lost a lot of weight and he’s now chasing a sub 3hr 15min marathon, I believe he’ll do it too. He seems very focused and driven for his goals. Well done to both the Chris’s tonight. I said bye and jogged home and got in a cold bath. While Babs finished making tea. Second curry night in a row ummmmmm, red cabbage and cashew nut curry tonight.


Day 206 done 159 to go.

Warm up 1.5 miles HR 131.

Paced run 6.6 miles HR 159.

Cool down 1.8 miles HR 111.

1226.1 miles total.

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