Day 205. Curry night.

Meeting the boys from the coast tonight in Kings Lynn. For a catch up and a curry, ring of fire tomorrow 💥.

So a morning run was a must but didn’t want to run the boy today, needed a quality walk instead. So walked him first and I’m glad I did. What a beautiful morning for walk with my favourite boy.

It was nice to play a bit of fetch and watch him bounce around in the long grass. it’s slightly cooler too, not much but nicer.

Got back and fed him and straight back out for my run. The Swan in reverse, only because Babs just back before I left. She didn’t finish the Swan as she was too hot. So the game is on. I do it in reverse for more a mental gain really. it is warm she weren’t wrong. my vest is soaked by the time I got to Central park, not even two miles in. It dawns on me that it’s the best I’ve felt for a while though, maybe I’m through this rough patch? Everyone seems friendly and return my “morning” calls. I leave the park feeling upbeat with a nice spring in my step, the heat isn’t bothering me although I’m pouring with sweat. There’s a few people buzzing around through the town centre. I am running a little later than normal, feels a bit more sociable, maybe I should get a 9 till 5 job 🤔. I cross the road and go past the sea cadets building, which has been having its roof done for what seems ages. I do like running this way along the river and today is no exception. The sky is blue, the water is still. I run through the middle of a flock of geese ( not sure what you call that, I’ll look it up) they hardly blink, didn’t bother them one bit. I’ve had this a few times with various animals. If I’m calm and settled into my running, they either do this and stay calm or join me. You’ve got to love nature. got home feeling great, Babs had put some fruit in a bowl for me, while I showered. Set up for day now and off to work.

Day 205 done 160 to go.

5 miles HR 133.

1216.2 miles total.

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