Day 203. Jobsworth’s.

What is the world coming too! Two days running now I’ve seen this, both times it’s been women -sorry ladies but can only say what I see-

First – I was in the co-op in Oundle. A lad obviously in his early 20’s was buying some Whiskey. The lady was about to serve him when the lady on the next till said ” you need to show your ID” That seems fair you say? Well. The lady who was serving him had seen his ID the week before, so knew he was old enough. Unfortunately the lad didn’t have his ID with him, neither did his mate on the other till. Because he’d been asked, even though one lady know he was old enough, it was a no sale. The jobsworth said it doesn’t matter if you’d served him before, as his mate (who wasn’t buying alcohol) is with him and doesn’t have ID either, Crazy. The lady who was serving was gutted and bit embarrassed, she told me this but didn’t want to make a scene with her colleague. In my opinion the little Hitler should of kept her neb out and concentrated on her own till.

Secondly, today- I was taking the tin of shed tar back to Wickes. Now I know she was just doing her job and yes, following procedure. Which is a completely backward one if you ask me, but! She was in a foul mood to start. She snapped at another worker who’d been asked by a costumer for help. Saying “Don’t be long your leaving only 2 on the tills” I looked around and I’m the only costumer near them, to be fair the place was fairly quite. Plus I’ve never seen more than 2 tills going at once there. Anyway I think this has set an image. I put the tin on the counter ” morning, can I return this please?”

“Have you got the receipt and the card it was paid from”

“Yep here you go”

She scanned the tin and nearly put it on my fingers. She actually looked at the card (pity they never do when your buying something)

“You can’t sign for this it’s a woman’s card”

“It’s my wife”

“Doesn’t matter”

I was pissed off, I know it’s what she’s ment to do. Whats the point in Signing for it? I’m putting bloody money back on the fricking card, doesn’t make sense. If I walked in the same shop to the same woman, I could of bought the same tin with the same card, with not even a blink or a second look. She wouldn’t even touch the card nevermind look at it! Who thinks up this crap!

Here’s some pics of Jackson’s walk, from before this got my back up.

Was a really nice walk around the north side of ferry meadows. I struggled to get him away from swimming, he loves it.

Ha ha just read my earlier blog, what a rant must of been knackered. Babs had been on a local litter pick, to help get some ideas for hers. She needs more helpers, any ideas? So after a debrief of her day, she went shopping and I had a quick snooze (I had done my house chores) and generated some energy for my run. Had to make myself as busy as the bee’s on our lavender bush.

Infact it’s still full of them now as I’m writing this. Worryingly I’ve only seen 2 honey bee’s so far. So I head out in this weird weather. The breeze is nice but still very close and humid. I head to the running track, with the aim to sneak on and get my 6 miles in there (needed 6 to get my 40 in for the week). Unluckily for me, the gate was locked. So I cut through the trees, over the embankment and past the Lido. Over the road and down Henry Penn walk, thought I’d check the new tidy paths of the earlier litter pick out. Looking good πŸ‘. I’m not gonna lie though it feels tough again today, my hip is a little tight but I’m in the flow. Nice and steady along the rowing lake, a bit more breeze along here. I’m running into it but it’s nice. The fluffy white seed things are flying around me and they send me into my own little world. I’m at the end before I know it, I turn right and cut through to Longthorpe gardens, then onto Longthorpe road. As I have to squeeze by an Asian family enjoying the whole path, I notice my HR was up to 151. Must of upped the pace without realising, been keeping it in the 130’s. I go over the Queensgate footbridge for the first time in ages, man it stinks! Then round past the brewery tap and the Bull hotel. I get a lot of people starring, must be my cool new Sunny’s 😎. Heading home I think how tough ultra runners are. To keep going when others stop, to run while others rest, to keep going past new levels of exhaustion and pain, then push through to find new strengths. I’m only touching the edge of this life but enjoying finding out about myself. The thing with running, you can’t cheat it or hide.

Day 203 done 162 to go.

6.7 miles HR 138.

1206.1 miles total.

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