Day 190. Goodbye France.

Up at 6am as we’re on for leaving around 7am. Don’t feel bad being so I had less than 5 hours sleep. I left my balcony door open and bedside light on while downstairs, School boy error! My room was full of moths, weird insects and shot loads of mosquitoes. By the time I finished killing, throwing outside and cleaning the walls it was just gone 1am 😐. So I got up at 6am, got dressed and tiptoed outside for my last run in France. The sun is just coming up and shined a lovely red glow on the mountains, it’s stunning.

Just did the out and back, up past the gondola. Steady as I go as it’s a steep up for a mile. The air is so nice and fresh, should of made the effort and done my runs in the mornings. Had to stand and wait briefly, while the farmer funneled his cows to the next field. Was quite nice standing while these massive beasts walked by me. I got to my mile -well slightly over- stood there for a minute to take it all in.

What a week.

1- Running and biking in the Alps.

2- Sharing this amasing chalet with great friends.

3- Having my 40th birthday here and living the dream.

4- Hot tub parties.

5- Riding the L’etape and finishing strong.

6- The bond and experience from this one while last forever.

Felt quite emotional while standing there. I feel so lucky.

I enjoy every step I take and suck in every bit of scenery, as I cruise back to base.

Time to get showered, load up the car and say our goodbyes. It’s sad to leave and gonna be strange not seeing these fantastic people everyday. I’m ready to go home though and see these two for some big hugs.

In the meantime it’s time for the big drive home, with this legend.

Safe journeys home everyone X x

Day 190 done 175 to go.

2 miles HR 124.

1139.4 miles total.

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