Day 187. Birthday.

First of all I want to thank my beautiful wife for all her support and putting up with me. She always lets me get on with my little adventures, even though I’m being selfish. Also for this pic, she planned and ran the letters out with the boy. Uploaded them on Strava and made this great pic. Love you X x.

So on my birthday I got to visit Annecy, which is stunning. It’s sign on day and time to start to panic, it’s real now. We park up and walk into the race village.

After signing on and getting some freebies. Everyone clubbed together for my birthday present, that left me a bit speechless. I’m not great at receiving gifts and feel very humbled. They got me some new Sunny’s, was blown away by this. Gonna feel nervous wearing them.

Then after some food and a beer for me and Dunc, we head back to the cars and drive home. Checking out parking possibilities for Sunday on the way. It was really sunny so we were keen to get back to go biking. I felt slightly gutted as a flat run here would of been great but bad planning on my behalf. Then Tris mentioned about heading back tomorrow, so spot on. Unfortunately it was still spitting with rain at the chalet. I’m a fair weather rider, so my motivation to ride drops to zero. Everyone else is still doing it, so I get ready. I think about doing the shorter ride with the girls but I wasn’t ready quick enough getting ready, so missed them. A very nervous decent for me to the bottom. I wanted to ride back up and that would have done me. I didn’t though, I followed the lads as they powered like nutter’s. I stayed off the back slightly, as I’m not as confident as they are on wet roads. Glasses are awesome though, loving them. We stop at the bottom of the climb for the Montagne Dr Glieres to take top layers off, it’s really muggy hear. This is the second climb on the Etape. I only go part the way up and decide to head back, feeling it today and I’d had enough. So told the lads then had a nice ride back. Realising how much down we had ridden on the way. Tough ride back, really enjoyed it though, taking in all the scenery. Loved the climb up the Colombier to the chalet, was tempted to ride to the top. Got back and the girls were buzzing They had a great ride and also found out that we can get the gondola back after the race. Got ready to run, waited a bit incase Tris and Dunc still wanted to join me. Then while checking Strava Duncan had uploaded his ride. With my powers of deduction I worked out they must be in a pub. So I ran down to town, started at the top end.

I ran down the main Street until I found them and joined them for a beer.

The run back to the chalet was tough. They gave me a head start, the race was on. Ouch! So it worked out perfect, a birthday pub run 👍🍺. We all got ready and walked down to the restaurant. Me and Rich took the E-bikes ha ha, great fun. Everyone got a go on them. It made the walk/ride down very funny. The meal was delicious, can’t remember what mine was called but a great choice Rich 👍.

Had a funny toilet too. The walk back up was nice and helped settle the stomach. The sky was so clear tonight, so did a bit a star gazing with Dunc and David. Then more drinking and messing around in the hot tub. Big kids.

What a fantastic birthday and the perfect bunch of people share it with -was just missing Babs and the boy-.

Day 187 done 178 to go.

3.3 miles HR 139.

1133.2 miles total.

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