Day 186. Last run in my 30’s.

So this is it, my last run in my 30’s. The next time I run I’ll be 40 ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Can’t believe it’s come around so quick but I’m embracing it.

So today is a rest day, a lot of chilling in the chalet. I didn’t go down till after 10:30am, I was writing yesterday’s blog. Also a bit of bike maintance and cleaning, a bit of help from Tris and Rich on mine. Then Rich and Emma went shopping in Cluses. So I went for my run. Felt knackered today and everything was an effort, so couldn’t think where to go. I ran down to the village and thought I’d decide as I go. I really wanted to go to the ridge we can see from the chalet. 2 reasons not too though. First it was covered in cloud and second I didn’t know how to get there. The problem is, when something’s in my head. I end up doing it without actually meaning to. So before I knew it, I was heading up the steep roads on the otherside of the valley. Maybe just see if I can find the path up. Then maybe I’ll go a bit higher. Then I see this.

Pretty smart hey. So I ended up at a farm, dead end. I did see a trail lower down, so I ran back down to it. Back past the cows with there noisy cow bells.

I get to the trail, I had originally thought I was gonna head down but I’ll just see what’s up first. It turns out to be a nice flowing single-track. So I go further and start thinking about going to the top again.

I get to a viewing point, Babs would love this as a walk, JB would too.

The flies are doing my head in now, they won’t leave me alone. I get to these cabins and I’ve had enough. So I turn back.

Flies stopped play. On the plus side I couldn’t think of a better run to do on my last day in my 30’s. This downhill is fantastic and the veiws are stunning. Can see our chalet from up here.

I followed the trail all the way down, through the woods which would be great fun on MTB. I did make a slight boo boo though. Went through a -what I’m guessing- said closed path sign. Ended up at a dead end and had to walk back up this stoney trail.

Nevermind, all part of the fun. Found the path to the road and retraced my steps all the way back to the chalet. I was sweating a good un when I got back. Rich and Emma were still out and Dunc,Tris and Amy was in the hot tub.

So I ate a wrap with some rice and cheese in it. Then had a shower, a quick call to Jonny. To see how he’s doing, still the same kind of. Then got a beer a got in the tub with Tris, as the others was out. There’s talk of a small ride in a bit but time will tell.

Day 186 done 179 to go.

6.7 miles HR 138.

1129.9 miles total.

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