Day 184. Col De Romme and Col De Colombier.

Slight hangover this morning, too much wine last night. Plus was up till very late. A little bike ride will soon sort that out. After breakfast of that is. We set off striaght down to the village. Then onwards and upwards to the top of Colombier. Was warm already but was a nice steady pace to the top which is 1498m in height. Everyone is looking strong and Rich speeds up a bit and gets his drone out, and get some footage. We all regroup at the top and put some extra tops on for the decent. Then off we go and go and go, seems to go on for ages. We all regroup again in Le Reposoir. Noticing how warm it is we all made sure we drink plenty. Then we carry on heading down, this is gonna hurt later on the way back up. The start of the climb for the Col de Romme looked steep. That’s gonna hurt alot of people on the Etape. From here onwards it’s part of the route, we’d already done some of it but in the opersite direction. This is where I found my legs. Really forgot how much I like climbing. It’s that feeling of being in the zone, excepting the pain and the challenge. Also at 1291m, it’s not to be underestimated. Unfortunately though all the restaurants were closed -off season-. So we rode down and found a lovely little place in La Reposoir.

Emma spoke in perfect French, she even looked French, amasing to watch. She got us all sorted and took charge, which we was all grateful for. After refueling and probably eating too much, we set off to do the last climb of the day. Back up the Col de Colombier. Rich shot off again and got some more footage from near the top. Here’s some footage of Tris and Emma making it look easy.

The picture quality is amasing. A bloke came over and took at pic of a few of us at top, you can see how warm it is in Duncan’s face.

Just a really nice decent on a stunning road, with fantastic scenery back to the chalet. Oh and the little climb at the end. A cup of tea and chill on the bed. Jonny called, he sounds loads better. Still on the mend but a least he’s on the mend, so good news and good to speak to him. Then though I’d use this chill time to write this blog. Now time to get ready and go for my run 😴. Get ready and was about to head out, when Rich mentioned about getting some drone footage. So we headed out on the E-bikes to find possible areas. Wasn’t nothing perfect close by but we found a couple of places, for some practice if nothing else. So we took the bikes back and set off. Rich came past after 5 mins and carried on to the area. Thing is he set up in a slightly different spot, I didn’t see him and he never see me. So I carried on and headed up the single-track through the trees. I started to wonder where he was. I kept heading up, to the furthest point we’d biked to. I followed a steepish climb, to see if I could spot him. I tried calling but no signal, so decided to go a little further.

Then I thought maybe he’s come looking for me, so I headed back down.

On the way down the road we spot eachother and laugh at how we missed eachother. So we head back upto the bit of track where Rich was setting up. Did a bit of back and forth filming. Then I enjoy the views and the downhill back to the chalet. Knackered. Shower. A proper nice Carbonara that Tris and Duncan made, then time to relax.

Day 184 done 181 to go.

3.5 miles HR 154.

1121.1 miles total.

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