Day 182. Hot hot hot.

One out one in at the Lido again, no thank you. There’s no way you’d get me in that queue in this heat. Just to get into a crowded pool, full of screaming kids. Sends a shiver down my spine thinking about it.

Walked the boy first thing to avoid the heat, it was already heating up. Just a bit of ball throwing and heal work on the embankment.

The orange tent is still there but being British I didn’t want to disturb them, as there tent was open. Ha ha we’re mad. After walking the boy, I fed him and had we had our breakfast. A fruit salad made by Babs with Greek yogurt. Hit the spot nicely. I then nipped over to Helen’s to disconnect there cooker for then, as there moving next week. Then back home to wait for Tris. He came just after 11am to pick up my bike, ready for our 3:30am drive to France šŸ˜“. A cup of tea and a catch up, then he left. Time for my run, another one in the heat of the day. Still a bit rough from yesterday. Apparently 2 pints of cider and a bottle of red wine ain’t the best recovery drinks. So I got out on my run at 12, scorchio! Gonna be a hot sweaty one but I’ve sort of got used to running in the heat now. Still feeling a bit ropey from last night for the first couple of miles. Ran past the Lido and through the underpass, then along Bourges boulevard. Had to weave my way through and around the barriers, what was up for the works there. Felt good by this point, a little hot but ok. Was a nice breeze as I ran over the bridge and down Thorpe road. After how busy it was at the rowing lake yesterday, it seemed weird it being so quite now. Only a couple of rowers out and a few people enjoying the sunshine. We had friends over about 1:30pm, so didn’t want to go too far. Plus I’m aware how warm it is, so I cross Orton mere and head back along the otherside. A bit more shaded this way, I took in the couple of trails and Bear woods -nice and cool in there- I still find myself looking for my lost tenner from weeks ago, ever the optimist. I like running in from this way, I think it’s because of the views through the bridges.

The queue is even bigger outside the Lido as I pass again, crazy. Got home, after running the extra bit to make it 10k. Don’t ask me why as I don’t know. Had a shower and made some sandwiches, for the journey and for some dinner now. Along with some granola and a packet of crisps.

Well this is it July, its here and my 40th is only 5 runs away. In 2 runs time I’ll be half way through this challenge. Crazy to think that a little idea that was burning away in my head, could be one of the best things I’ve done in my life. At the beginning I said that I hope to run everyday for the year. Well I am gonna run everyday of the year. Hope as David told me with his wisdom, is a word that’s not definite. If I’m honest with you all, when I started I probably wasn’t definitely sure I’d stick to it. So hope was maybe the right word. I’m glad I have though and I will stick at it till the end. This next week is gonna so tough for me to fit my runs in though. I’m gonna need as much support as you can give me. Travelling all day tomorrow and trying to fit a run in, will be my first challenge. Then running everyday, while biking in the Alps and drinking. Then the biggy, running after riding the Etape ride. This is stage 10 of this year’s Tour de France. 4000 meters of climbing,168km in distance and most probably very hot.

So might be needing some motivation that day. Plus my birthday is on the Friday šŸ¤”.

Day 182 done 183 to go.

6.2 miles.

1114.3 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 182. Hot hot hot.

  1. Best of luck Steve, I can tell you that meeting you and following your challenge has really inspired me and Julie, so get out there and kick arse šŸ‘

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