Day 174. The morning after and the night before.

The morning after! Only had 4 pints last night but felt pretty rat arsed. We stayed in Puzzles, where I met them after their show. Good music and relaxing in there. Then had 2 fish finger wraps on the way home, don’t know why. Slept rough but if I’m honest, haven’t been great the last few days. Toilet issues if you know what I mean 👎. I’m glad I pulled out of going to the Peaks with Justin,Nick,Amy and David. Don’t think I’d have made it round. I also wasn’t feeling up for meeting the Castor lot for their early ride, so WhatsApp messaged them at 6:30am to say I won’t be there. Dog wouldn’t settle too, so ended up getting on the sofa with him. Babs got up about 9am and I went back to bed. Very unlike me. I forced myself out of bed about 11am. Don’t feel great but had a shower and walked into town. First to try and sort my phone screen out -£80 😒- then went to the market to get a Vegan wrap, from Nick at Embe 2 go.

Proper nice food and a top bloke. Felt a bit better and bumped into Babs and Chris, so we walked home together. Chilled in the sun in the garden. Then about 3:30pm I went for a spin on my cyclo-cross bike. Couldn’t be bothered to go out on the road bike, not around here anyway. To be fair I made the right choice, really enjoyed it. Did some trails I know, then some I didn’t -getting lost is part of the fun- This bit of trail through the trees, someone doesn’t like cyclist’s. They made the effort to make 4 of these branch blocks.

Ended up at Sugar way where I head to Orton mere. There’s some kayak action going on.

With the bit of grass next to it becoming a campsite. There’s some BBQs going, smells good. I head home 20 miles done.

A quick change and grab the boy to go for a run. Still not 100% hope I feel better tomorrow. We’re doing the Humber half marathon with David and Claire. So an early start, leaving at 5:45am 🤔. So JB and me trot off and head down Potters way to the river. Turning left and following the path until we get to the sewage works then turn back -to avoid the stink-


We go through the builders field, it’s been a run with no need for his lead. He could do his own thing that way. At 3 miles I stop running, had enough for today and didn’t want the boy to get too exhausted. Had a nice steady walk back with him. Fed him and started making tea then had a shower. Finished off cooking and ate it, time to chill on the sofa with the missus and the boy.

Day 174 done 191 to go.

3 miles

1065 miles total.

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