Day 169. Everydays a Challenge.

As the Legend him Sen said “Every day is a challenge, shut up and get on with it” wise words. In all honesty it’s a saying I try to keep fresh in my mind. It’s simple but straight to the point and very true. It’s always easy to have a reason to not do something.

“I’m knackered”

“I’ve got to make the tea”

“I haven’t got enough time”

” I need to do the ironing” ok that’s one I stole off Babs but you get the jist. There’s this thing I’ve read somewhere, don’t remember where but it’s great and makes sense to me.

-The human body is amasing but the problem we have is. Our body can be a finely tuned machine, capable of amasing endurance and strength but! It’s run by a very complex computer and it continues to try and be as efficient as possible. So a body that wants and needs to move but the brain is trying to make it do less or with less effort-

This makes sense when you think of the times you want to go and do something. It doesn’t take long to come up with a reason or excuse not too. Mind over matter, getting out the door is the hard bit. The rest is fun πŸ‘

This reflects on today for me. Was feeling it big time, felt shattered all day. Legs are sore but not as bad as last time. Saturday was officially the furthest I’ve ran in one go, so was in uncharted territory. I’m extremely pleased with how it went and I nailed my pacing for the day perfect. This finding the motivation while tired and sore is tough though. Shut up and get on with it! Yes yes I know. I needed the extra push from Babs to go out. We ran together till the Boathouse but before we got there, we bumped into Mark. Marks a good ol’ boy we met at the Sweatshop runs we used to do. I used the run with him now and then. Ain’t seen him for easy over a year, was good to see him. He was running too, so we said bye and go our separate ways. Babs is holding her own with me tonight, found it tough for the first 2. Then she turned off to go home. I carried on along the river and up to Orton mere, my legs felt good now, loosened up a bit. Then headed back on the otherside of the Nene to Dean’s. I needed to pick my bike up as he’d kindly took it back from Silverstone on Friday, after the race. After a bit of confusion, I find his house. Have a chat with Dean and Dylan, then bike home. Have some tea then take the boy for his walk. It’s a bit cooler for him now.

Day 169 done 196 to go.

3.9 miles HR 131.

1045.7 miles total.

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