Day 165. 1000 miles πŸ’ͺ

Well what a beautiful evening to go running as a family. The sun’s shining and it’s warm. After walking the boy on the field, to do his thing. We walked over to the start. Hang on where was the start? See there’s the original parkrun, then the old new one (which is the one we’re doing) and then the new one. After a bit of debating, we think we got it right. So off we go.

After we pass the 0.2 mile point, that’s it, I’ve done it, a 1000 miles so far. Like I thought an anti climax, it’s either stop and enjoy the moment.

Or carry on and enjoy the run, that’s obviously what we did. I passed JB over to Babs, so she gets used to running with him.

To be honest Babs had a great run, nearly got a PB. Was really nice to run around on this route, as just us. There was others there running and walking but not in the same space. After we finished, we take the boy for swim to cool down and have a drink. As he did look a bit warm.

Then a walk across the field, back to the van. A stop off on the way home at the Boathouse, for a celebration beer. Then fish and chips for tea πŸ’ͺ.

Day 165 done 200 to go.

3.1 miles.

102.9 miles total.

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