Day 164. Rest day 3, sort of.

Not very good at this resting lark. I’m taking it easy but 2 miles just ain’t enough anymore. Was gonna run with JB and Babs this morning but Babs was late up. So me and the boy set off and go down Potters way.

Nice and steady because I know that I’m not just gonna do 2 miles. I’ve got no self control. I am really enjoying these steady runs. It’s made me chill and take things in. It’s made me realise, maybe I’ve lost focus on what I’m doing. It’s about the journey not the finishing goal. I got a message off a friend today. After reading yesterday’s blog he said it reminded him of a poem he knows.

By W H Davies.

Absolutely spot on, thanks Harry ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

Anyway back to the run. I thought I’d get some pics of the boat people for you all. Well there homes anyway.

Not everyone’s choice of living but I totally get it and good on em I say. Over the road at the traffic lights and down Henry Penn way. That crack in the path is getting bigger I reckon. Will it fall into the Nene? If they don’t do something it might. I let the boy off again along here and then take the single-track by the river.

No sign of Mr Toad today but still plenty of wildlife to see. The river is always a beaming with life. We cut through to the Boathouse over these steps.

And down the otherside. Through the estate and back to the river. Cruising along we take the underpass to the Lido and head home. Feed the boy and have a shower, while my watch loads. After my weigh in (going back in the right direction) I check my mileage on Strava, while eating my granola. I knew what I’d see but it still made me smile.

So this is it. I can touch it it’s so close. 1000 miles, just 0.2 miles away from it. I’m slightly nervous for some reason. Maybe it’s because I know that when I pass it, that’ll be it. I’ve passed it. Like I keep saying the journey is better the end. Waiting is possibly more fun than just doing it. So I’m gonna make it special. Me Babs and Jackson are gonna run the old Peterborough parkrun route at Ferry meadows, tomorrow evening. This is where I started this and I’m sure I’ll finish it here too. For now though, let’s pass my 1000 mile milestone here. So if anyone’s around and wants to join us your more than welcome.

Untill tomorrow, live for now and be cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Day 164 done 201 to go.

5 miles HR 120.

999.8 miles total.

4 thoughts on “Day 164. Rest day 3, sort of.

  1. But seriously… you are so right about the journey rather than the destination… and what we learn along the way… itโ€™s been an eventful 1000 Mikeโ€™s for the reader too Mr.. and it feels like we have lived through the miles too at times – very descriptive… thank you for the commentary…


    • Thank you, that means alot. Been a life changer for me and really enjoying sharing it. As you know the writing doesn’t come easy for me. Really loving doing the blog though, gonna be lost when this journey ends. Will have to start the next one ๐Ÿ‘ your running story’s and pics definitely give me a boost, keep them coming. Soon be at the Humber for your next PB .


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