Day 162. Rest week.

Two reasons I’m having a rest week, well Three really.

1- I’ve got the 9upTT on Friday.

2- Lakeland 5 passes on Saturday.

3. My 1000 miles for the year is in my grasp and I haven’t decided where I want to be when I do it. Maybe somewhere with Babs and the boy? Or in the Lake District? Tough choice to make.

So with that in mind and less than 12 miles to the milestone, we set off. Nice and steady and also short. We go past the toll House and down Potters way up to the Nene.

We take it steady through the Willows. A Heron flies into land, there’s a bit of steam coming off the water, which makes it quite magical. We carry on past the boat people and the dogging carpark. Where something is going on, as at least 3 cop cars and a fair few other people are buzzing around. I’m gonna start the rumour as a murder 😎.

We carry on along the river and across the road. Into town and Through the cathedral. At 2.5 miles I stop. That’ll do. A nice walk back with JB in the morning sun.

Day 162 done 203 to go.

2.5 miles HR 121.

990.7 miles total.

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