Day 157. Antony Gormley family run.

Our first morning family run of the year. So we thought we’d do a bit of sight seeing. So we headed out to find the Antony Gormley statutes, brought out of storage and standing proud in the city centre. We take the boy over the grass field near the regional first, for his toilet stop. Then headed through the trees and past the Lido. Let him off down Henry Penn Walk, so me and Babs could run together. Taking the cut through onto Thorpe road bridge. Through the underpass, passing Draper’s and into town square. First one spotted above the Leeds building society.

The next one was easy to find too. Just a bit further on the right on top of the Norwich and Peterborough building society.

Now this is were we get confused. We struggle funding the third. We know it’s on the Queensgate roof but don’t know where. We end up going all the way round. It must be in the the square Babs says, so we cut through Queensgate and low and behold. After stepping outside we turn and there he is.

Walking away from us. We run home via the cathedral, happy with our morning. Time to get ready for work. Oh and weigh in day, 11st 1lb. Still trying to loose my holiday fat, Babs says it’s muscle.

Day 157 done 208 to go.

3.1 miles.

949.6 miles total.

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