Day 147. Rest.

Was knackered last night but still got everything ready, thinking a night’s sleep would be enough. Was aiming to be in Oundle for a 7am start with the Gorilla’s. Is the T.O.T.E. weekend (tour of the east). Andy plans this epic event every year for the past 4 years? Correct me if I’m wrong. Basically 3 big rides back to back from Oundle. A different direction each day and different routes each year. Planning to perfection everytime, including cafe/shop stops. I’ve to do the whole weekend everytime, for different reasons. I’d planned to do yesterday, today and some of tomorrows. I ended up having some work to do yesterday so missed that one. Today’s ride is just shy of 152 miles, it rides out to Brandon and back around through the fens, round the back of the borough of Peter and back to Oundle for refreshments in the Tap and Kitchen.

Needless to say I didn’t get to the start. Alarm off at 5:45am and I felt rough as a badgers arse, I got up and got a drink. I needed more sleep and need to concentrate on the whole picture. Got a lot of days left to run and don’t want to burn out. So I messaged Dean to say I’m not going and went back to bed. I much have needed it, went out like a light and didn’t get up till 10am. If I’m honest I could of stayed there longer. Babs went out to meet Hayley and I had breakfast/brunch and spent time with the boy. Rearrange my plans and start writing this. Always use your time wisely. So gonna go out for a run shortly then ride out to meet the riders at Holbeach. That means I can ride to Oundle for beers and the ever lovely Babs can come to fetch me 👍 perfect 🍺.

So I did my run, really enjoyed it too. Can’t remember the last time I ran from home in the sun, solo. I’d got my plan ready for biking so all sorted there. I head out, with a sort of route plan. First I head to the Nene and run along that. A few people about injoying the sun, nice to see. Crossing the road at the lights next to the sea cadets. I notice how warm it is while standing there. As I carry on alongside the river, I bump into Simon. Ain’t seen him for age’s, we walked and had a catch up for a few minutes. Nice to see him, I say bye and carry on. I’m running on heart rate and was keeping it below 140 but now increasing it to 145. Loads of people about but in a nice way. Feeling really good at the Rowing lake and find it a battle to not go faster. Stay cool Burton. I run to Orton mere then head back on the other side of the river and increase HR to 150. I find I’m looking for my tenner again, ever the optimist. I get home and have some food, Babs comes home and I tell her the plan. I get on my bike and start riding. I feel good and the sun is out, not too hot though. Bloody windy though. Didn’t think about the fact that I’ve got head wind most of the way to Holbeach. It’s supprisingly very tough, windier than expected. Had to stop to adjust a few bits on me and my bike.

I’d been keeping an eye on there progress by following Andy’s tracker, plus Emma had been updating me on Rich’s movements. It worked out perfect. Met them at the co-op in Holbeach. They all looked great as they’d rode over 100 miles, plus most of them had done the 130 odd the day before, machines. Needless to say I did my best to help lead them back, not that they needed help, there all inspirations. 61 miles for me and 150 plus for them, we arrive in Oundle. Rehydration time 🍺 Babs turned up with JB, to take me home. After a few beers for me of course. Great day 👍.

Day 147 done 218 to go.

6.2 miles HR 149.

887.5 miles total.

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