Day 134. Paleros.

First morning in Greece. Thought I’d run early as got a few activities booked for later. Plus I thought it wise to run before it gets too hot. So I walked down to water’s edge, where I found a path that heads towards Paleros. So I start my watch and off I go, along the waterfront.

The path comes to a road that leads me to the town. There’s some nice looking restaurants and a harbour that I pass. I carry on past a campsite and decide to turn back at mile 2. With a lovely view of the town and resort, I head back.

Once back at Paleros I head up the hill, through the picturesque streets. Past a school that was buzzing with kids and parents dropping them off. Walking them to school, not dropping them off in massive cars. Then somehow I ended up back at the hotel, ready for some breakfast. Then off for my windsurfing lesson.

Day 134 done 231 to go.

4.2 miles.

820.7 miles total.

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