Day 133. Goodbye bestie.

Leaving my boy for the week 😟 gonna really miss him. He’s in good hands though as Chris is staying with him for the week. So we have our last run before we go. 6am out the door for the ol faithful. Can’t really get into the run as just keep thinking how much I’ll miss him. I’ve been away before but not both of us for so long. Plus our bond is a lot stronger now. I didn’t help that he ran the wrong side of a post and the lead swang him into my knee. Now I feel double bad. Good luck to everyone doing the Monstor triathlon at Thorpe meadows today.

We finish our run, he seems happy enough but knows something is going on. We get everything together and say our goodbyes to the boy. Time for holiday yayyyyyy! 😎

Day 133 done 232 to go.

5.3 miles.

816.5 miles total.

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