Day 132. Truck stop.

Up at 5am for a 6am meet with Dean this morning. Felt a bit ropey, so had a shower to wake up. That curry from last night, it ain’t sitting too well either. Maybe not a good idea before an early ride. Got ready and out on time, to meet Dean on the Asda bridge. He was waiting, maybe I wasn’t dead on time. Cyclo-cross bikes today as my road bike needs attention. We head along the trail next to the Nene and can’t help but talk about the weird foam stuff on the river. Dean reckoned it’s the end of the world coming.

I reckon it’s pollution or something to do with algae or alien blood. We both also picked up a few nettle stings, ouch!then over Orton mere and through the woods on the single-track. Back through Ferry meadows and along the single-track upto Altwalton. Unfortunately though the track we were gonna use, over to Castor was closed. Being blokes we didn’t want to backtrack. But struggling to deal with a route change, we took an unknown bridleway out of Chesterton. Seemed ok to start with, gravel road and a cow field.

Then it got over grown and un rideable really. My curry caught up with me here too 👎. We slightly head back to the gravel road and end up at a farm, we clearly was trespassing now. Luckily we got through without a bollocking. Then it got worse. We ended up at the A1. No way was we going back. We could see the sign for Water Newton. So picking our moments, we peddle like mad and stop at safe points, then peddle again. Horrible but an strangely fun experience. Once we crossed the road all was good again. More trails, more fun and a funny stop at Stibbington truck stop. Will definitely be stopping there again, top scuff. More fun on the way home, great ride Deano 👍.

Been having trouble with my road bike, it needs a service anyway. Tris had kindly offered to help me. But after a closer look, I suspected it may be the hub that’s dodgy. So I found a repair shop at Bretton, they had some great reviews, worth a try. If it turns out good, nice and close and I won’t be putting on mates. When I dropped it in, it was a unique experience. The main man is deaf and blind, his right head man (literally) talked to him through his hand. I was mesmerized, he felt his way over the bike like a wizard. So I left my wheel with him and he’ll service the bike when I get back from hols. Watch this space.

After a good walk and lunch at the sailing club with Babs and JB. Plus a little snooze on the sofa, I force myself to get my running stuff on. Finding it hard to get out the door though, like a secret force field holding me back. A bit low on my miles this week, so a bit disappointed with my Sen too. I get a message from cousin Dave. He got a PB at Parkrun today and he ran there and back. Also Karen was 20secs of hers and Claire there daughter also smashed her PB. This got me motivated and with a little push from Babs, I grab the boy and we go. It’s raining so doesn’t take me long to get my head into it. Decided on the bridge to Stanground loop. This way Jackson can be of the lead for most of it. Think the owner of this boat may need to check there boat building skills though.

Only a few cyclist’s to past today and JB is good as gold, running to heal as they pass. We get in a nice flow and try not to breath too must past the sewage works, stinky. After the bridge we head towards Stanground and Jackson wants a race. So I except his challenge. I kept him by my side or slightly behind me and everytime he runs after a bird or rabbit, I chase him down. Great fun but hard work, loved it and I reckon he did too. He was happy to run behind me through Stanground, in his lead. We have another race on the path to the parkway, up the incline. Then we laugh and congratulate eachother, then cruise home. Feed him then have a nice soak in the bath, while Wifey cooks tea X.

Day 132 done 233

6.3 miles HR 146

811.2 miles total.

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