Day 130. Wet start.

As felt rough yesterday Babs is walking the boy this morning, so I can run solo. I love the boy to bits and miss not having him with me but! It does feel nice to run without him now and then. I can just turn off and go anywhere I like. Which I do. I followed the paths alongside Perkins parkway. Under it and passed McDonald’s, then past Perkins engine’s and Sainsbury’s. I head over the parkway on the bridge and onto Eastfield road. I know it’s all tarmac but injoying the change of scenery. I cross the road to go down Broadway and to the park for lap. Then back onto Broadway and into town. I still have a tender Achilles tendon, so not too fast. Also my stomach still ain’t the best either and don’t want to upset that.. Both them in mind it was a nice run and first in my new trainers, without JB.

After work i go home and get ready. Babs dropped me off in Castor and I met Martin just before 6pm. We have a catch up (as haven’t seen eachother for a while) and we ride out to our start point. He goes and I wait for 30 secs. We ride hard for 20mins, I try to keep him in my sight. I do go wrong once but carry on. My bike is making funny noise’s but I try to ignore it. I start to worry that my back wheel is loose, I think about stopping. We finish the test and I checked the wheel, seems ok. Martin thinks it could be my wheel bearing. We stop at the Royal Oak for a pint and debrief. Leo and his dad stop on there way past for a beer. Andy stops to tell me about my dinner box (which I left at his) but couldn’t stop. 3 pints later we try to sort my bike in Martin’s garage. We sort of do. I say hi to Vic’s and her mum, then head home. Flying. Should have done my test them.

Day 130 done 235 to go.

4.9 miles.

797.9 miles total.

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