Day 126. Birthday treat.

Babs stayed at her parents last night, so had the bed to myself. Well would of done, if I hadn’t fell to sleep on the sofa till 2:30am ha ha. Nevermind,still get to lay in till nearly 7. Need to walk/run to boy before it gets too hot. Plus I’m taking the twins out for they day (late birthday treat for my niece and nephew). Meeting them at the cycle hire in ferry meadows at 10. So me and the boy head out, Achilles pain has eased loads but am a bit worried about it still. Take it easy to start and run slightly differently on it. Seems okish, so go for the ol faithful route. Lovely morning alone the Nene.

Everything seems calm and chilled. Slightly sore in my ankle/foot but feels ok. Feels hard work this morning though, maybe because I can’t 100% relax, or maybe just knackered. Still we keep moving to get it done. The bells are ringing as we go around the cathedral.

As I’m getting home I add a loop of the block on, just to make sure I get my 40 in for the month đŸ˜‰. Feed the boy, get showered and get ready to bike over to ferry meadows.

Had a lovely day out with my bro and the twins, Cameron and Leah. Think they did too, including my brother and a couple of beers, so bonus.

Day 126 done 239 to go.

5.9 miles.

782.8 miles total.

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