Day 125. Achilles pain.

Noticed my heal felt tender last night and my calves were tight. So gave my feet and legs a good massage. Unfortunately still sore and very tender this morning but knew I needed to run first thing today. Took it really easy, was gonna just do an out and back, down the river but wasn’t feeling it. So turned back and went across the builders field, thinking the softer ground would be better. I was right, didn’t seem as bad but I didn’t want to make it worse. So went across the embankment and headed home.

Fed the boy, had a shower and necked some Ibroprofen. Said bye to Babs and me and JB drive over to Dersingham. Plastering at Dubs today, got a Gregg’s on route. Had a tough day plastering with Dub helping me and George (his oldest) looking after Jackson. Think they both had a great day. Me and Dub went out on our cx bikes after work, about 4:30pm for a spin in the sun. So many flies out tonight (should have worn glasses) but a beautiful day, following by a cider and crisps on our way back.

Lizo had cooked us some food for our return. So we stuffed our faces with pizza and the lovely salad. Spot on Lizo thank you 👍. The boys go to bed and time for me and JB to head home. Both Knackered.

Day 125 done 240 to go.

2.6 miles.

776.9 miles total.

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