Day 124. Happy Star Wars day.

Flies there is.

In my eyes they are.

I’m not even a massive fan of Star Wars but I can’t help but get involved in it.

I tried to get a group running out from the Cuckoo tonight. Everyone was busy though (is it bank holiday after all) apart from Emma. She planned to meet us at 6:15pm after dropping Faye off at the gym. Unfortunately Faye didn’t fancy going in the end, so Emma had to bail. So me and Babs decide to still go, we take the boy too, even though I’d already walked him. Lucky boy.

We park at the Cuckoo just after 6pm. Babs only fancied 3 miles as she has a half marathon on Monday. So we decide to run together and then I’d run home. I lead us down the Nene and along the technical single-track trail towards ferry meadows. Didn’t know how she’d do, as she’s a bit nervous on this type of trail. The dog was pulling a bit and as I was wearing my Vibram five finger shoes, it made it hard to hold him. So I went a little quicker and kept cutting back, to see how she was doing. Bloody good is the answer to that. She was never far behind and seemed to be cruising, who is this woman?

We get to the edge of the meadows and I show Babs a couple more hidden trails. This is where I had to help (maybe slightly bully) Babs down a steep hill. She was very nervous and wouldn’t go down it. So I told her to trust me, then I may of shouted it a few times. Then I grabbed her and pulled her down ha ha. “Piece of piss” I said, she didn’t answer ha ha. We then head back over the railway bridge and along the otherside of the Nene. Some muddy bits on here but not too bad. We had to emergency grab the boy as two women horse riding appeared. They didn’t seem one bit bothered by us and the ladies said not too worry. I gave Babs the leash once at the lock gates about mile 3. She heads back to van with JB and I head across the field. She’s doing a chippy pick up on the way home. I pick the pace up slightly now and get into a nice flow. Staying off road into the back of Castor, then followed the train track back to the Nene. A lot of flies out tonight, so spend most of the run breathing through my nose and blinking alot. The trail along the Nene is a bit boggy but the vibrams take it like a man. It got really dirty on the riverside walk bit though. I passed a lad walking his bike around it all here, don’t fancy his chances of keeping clean. Just a little bit further it was a right quagmire. I keep following the Nene alongside the golf course. Not too bad down this bit, so decided to clean my shoes and feet in the river. Nice a refreshing.

Getting hungry now, so I take the paths all the way home. Can’t stop thinking about my fish,chips and curry sauce ummmm. Only got one fly in my eye, which is a miracle. Time to start wearing my glasses 😎.

Day 124 done 241 to go.

10.5 miles HR 128.

774.3 miles total.

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