Day 123 Swan run

Pub ride was a good one last night, nice and fast. Nick broke his pubride virginity by making a last minute decision to come. As it was the Ship in Oundle this week, I parked at the shop to give myself more time to get ready. We all grouped up at the shop and got ready to go. Rich and Dunc had a head start by nearly a minute and the plan is that we were chasing them down. Fast going from word go, which was a shock for Nick, on his first pub ride. We soon past everyone else and caught Rich and Dunc at around 5miles. Not really a victory though, as Dunc had a puncture. After trying to seal it again and again and everyone passing us again, we set off, Dunc with only half the pressure in his tyre (long story). Pace picked up again and a sprint to the end. Felt good but Shad took it, another good night followed by a beer at the ship.

Up at 5:20am after a couple of Taps on the snooze this morning. Got sorted and out we go. Swan route today. Beautiful morning, nice and fresh too. Just cruising this feeling good, feels easier than it should do but I’m not complaining. Decided to do 2 loops of central park as it was so nice this morning, plus nobody about. Slung in a couple of threw the middles too. Then instead of going home down Star road, we followed the path back to Bishop’s road. This is the new swan route, I like the cross face and bigger wing 👍. Got home, fed the boy and had shower. Babs was still in bed, so planned some walking routes for Tris and Andrea on the computer. There heading to the peak District with there dog Mags and said I’d give him some walk ideas. Had extra breakfast this morning as porridge didn’t seem enough. I love eating.

Day 123 done 242 to go.

6.4 miles HR 129.

763.8 miles total.

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