Day 122. Hump day.

Wednesday again, weigh in day. Soon comes around, slow down year! 10st 12lbs been at this weight for about 3 months now, give or take a pound. This last month though my diet has been crap. Not as bad as it used to be but lost my way slightly. Gonna get back on it now, cut the late evening snacks out for one.

I’m dropping Babs off at the A1 services for 7:45am, Lou is collecting her and there going on a jolly up north, shopping. Caroline is over from Canada, girly catch up day.

So I got up a bit earlier to give myself plenty of time, needed to clean bike for pub ride tonight too 👍🍺. So out the door at 5:30am for some trails with the boy. The ground is damp and a promise of rain to come. Let’s hope so as the wind is warm and some rain would be spot on.

We stay on the trail alongside the Nene, all the way to ferry meadows. What a lovely morning no-one about, apart from us and the wildlife. Heard my first Cuckoo of the year too, aways a good sign. As we head down the path along the Nene parkway, next to Longthorpe. I start to get that feeling in my stomach. The morning thing that’s only welcome when near the loo, which I ain’t. I can run it off I tell myself, only 3 miles to go. I was wrong 👎 good old dock leaves 😌. Feeling better, we run through the meadows at Thorpe hall. Then down Thorpe road, where another driver went out there way to let us cross the road, was happy to wait for them, crazy. Through town via the Queensgate footbridge.

Still only a few drops of rain, nothing worth writing about. Bishop road gardens are in full bloom and look great this morning. We head home happy to get a decent run in. Fed JB then took my bike to the shed, need to tweak the gears and oil the chain, ready for later 🚴. Babs was getting ready, so had my shower and breakfast, after weighing in of course. Only late to work by 10 mins, at least I can blame this one on Babs😉 X

Day 122 done 243 to go.

7.6 miles.

757.4 miles total.

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